About Rhino

Rhino Employee Benefits (Rhino) is an independent employee benefits and insurance broker in Los Angeles with clients nationwide. Our team, which has over 35 years of insurance and service experience, strives to understand each client’s unique culture and needs, which allows us to provide individuals, families, and businesses with benefits and insurance guidance, customized products, and extremely high-quality service.

Every business and family is unique and comes to us with their own situations, challenges and goals. Before we recommend any solutions we listen, we strategize, and we use creativity and puzzle-solving. The result fulfills a goal of our own, which is to develop and nurture long-term relationships with our increasingly happy and prosperous clients.

Rhino Employee Benefits provides benefits, compliance, service, and technology

Why Rhino?

We’re not called “Rhino” by happenstance. The book “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander has been a tremendous influence not only on the company’s success, but also how we view our role in advising our clients: Actual Rhinos are tough, determined and extremely protective of their herd. It’s our job to care for and protect our herd of clients from a number of hazards that face businesses and families every day. 

  • First and foremost, we help companies (and individuals) select and get covered by insurance plans to keep employees and families protected. 
  • We create employee benefits programs to help build peace of mind and build wealth for each participant, with a particular emphasis on increasing employee retention for the benefit of the company. 
  • We invest in and pay for software and technology to help our business clients administer their employee insurance and benefits plans. 
  • And perhaps the most unique thing we do is to guide and advise our clients on benefits compliance, helping to ensure that our clients avoid violations, fines and penalties

Protecting Real Rhinos

Rhino is active in charities in the local community, and also charities for the benefit of actual Rhinos in Africa. Meet Inkululeko, a baby Rhino cared for at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage in Africa. We have adopted Inkululeko and make regular contributions to the health and safety of these beautiful animals. We also support the Black Rhinoceros population at the San Francisco Zoo.

Certification to show that Ryan Kroner has adopted a Rhino ophan.
Certification of a Black Rhino adoption
Portrait picture of Ryan Kroner

About Ryan Kroner

Ryan Kroner is Life & Health and Property & Casualty licensed. He holds Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC) and Professional Health Insurance Advanced Studies (PHIAS) designations, which are unique to his field. Ryan founded Rhino in 1998 and continues to lead and guide his growing team of extremely talented and qualified insurance, benefits and compliance experts. Even though Rhino is an independent employee benefits and insurance broker in Los Angeles, the company services employers and individuals nationwide. Find Ryan Kroner on LinkedIn here.

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When clients have any questions for an employee benefits and insurance broker in Los Angeles, throughout California or anywhere in the USA, they know they’ll get help from us on the first call. We believe this is how providing for your family and protecting your assets should be done. Contact us today to learn about our exceptional broker services.