Benefits Administration and HR Software

Rhino provides our Ease licensed technology, the best benefits administration and HR software, at no cost to our clients. For HR staff managing a benefits program, Ease automates crucial tasks like onboarding, simplifies benefits enrollment, streamlines plan management, prepares impeccable compliance documentation…and saves you money. For employees managing their own benefits, Ease is designed to simplify any interaction with HR and employee benefits.

We Customize the Ease Software to Your Needs

We invest in our clients’ success by providing the Ease benefits administration and HR software at our own expense, collaborating with your HR staff to configure and customize Ease for your specific programs and benefits. During this process, we will:

  • Customize the interface with your logos and images
  • Digitize onboarding, benefits enrollment and compliance documents
  • Develop required compliance forms and reports
  • Support uploading of I-9 verification documents
  • Build a forms library

Your employees will enjoy easily completing their onboarding and benefit enrollment processes, whether they are using their mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. You’ll appreciate having a rich dataset for program management, compliance and other tasks, with everything in one place.

We customize our software to suit your needs

Comprehensive Functionality for HR Staff

Our Ease benefits administration and HR software provides everything your HR staff needs to manage and optimize utilization of your employee benefits program, including:

  • Display options and forms by employee classification
  • Confirmation of document review
  • Online benefits enrollment with real-time employee cost calculations
  • Full employer reporting
  • ACA reporting and tracking
  • Document libraries
  • New hire onboarding
  • 2FA supported (required for program and Ease administrators)

Move Your Onboarding, Benefits Enrollment and Compensation Statements to Ease

We recommend our clients use our Ease software for onboarding, benefits enrollment and compensation statements even if their payroll vendor provides similar functionality. Switching these capabilities from the payroll system to ours simplifies your HR tasks and your employees’ onboarding experience. Also, it saves your company thousands of dollars a year in service fees.

For example, the average cost for a benefits module on a payroll system is $3.75 per employee per month (pepm). The typical charge for COBRA administration is $1.00 pepm. An average rate for compensation statements is $10 – 15 per employee annually. Finally, creating a Section 125 Premium Only Plan costs $800 to set up with an annual maintenance fee.



One of our clients with 500 W-2 employees saved significantly by moving these functions to our Ease software.

Cost savings chart for Rhino Employee Benefits Licensed Technology

In this example, our client would avoid $34,750 during their first year working with us. Adjusting for the number of employees, most of our clients enjoy similar savings.

Integration With Your Payroll System

Our clients include companies building their first employee benefits programs and companies who are upgrading and modifying their existing programs. In most cases, our clients already have a payroll system in place, and so whether (and how) we integrate the Ease benefits administration and HR software with the payroll system depends on how they feel about their payroll system provider, who that vendor is and if the company wants 360°, 180° or 0° integration.
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For Clients Looking for A New Payroll Vendor

When our clients are open to using a new payroll system, we ask them to talk to us before they talk to new  payroll system vendors. We have excellent relationships with several vendors, including ADP, Coastal Payroll, Heartland, Paycor, paylocity, Paychex and bambooHR. 

Based on our relationships with these payroll vendors, we can often negotiate a better price for their services than you might get working with them directly. We do not receive any compensation from these companies, allowing us to be completely objective when recommending the right payroll service for your company. We’ll use special API software to create a 360° connection between Ease and the payroll system, which means that data flows in both directions: payroll data flows into Ease, and Benefits data flows back to the Payroll system.

For Clients Looking to Keep Their Payroll Vendor

Some clients who prefer to keep their current payroll vendor. If your current vendor allows our 360° connection, we will set that up. If the payroll vendor’s technology doesn’t allow that, we may be able to create a one-way (180°) data communication connection, so that your benefits data will flow into your Payroll system.

Standalone Systems

Other clients might prefer to keep their existing payroll system, even if they have the ability to integrate with Ease. In these cases, we configure the Ease system for your HR department and your employees to use in a standalone configuration.

Rhino Employee Benefits provides exceptional compliance services

Streamlining Compliance

Where other brokers avoid providing Compliance Services, Rhino embraces it, providing exceptional compliance services as part of our standard offering using the Ease benefits administration and HR software. Read more about our Compliance Services.

Comprehensive Data Security

Data security is top of mind for most companies. Data breaches are extremely expensive and damaging to a company’s reputation, goodwill and company value. Ease follows California data privacy regulations, is HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 Type II, and HITRUST compliant. Beyond that, data encryption uses the industry-standard AES-256 encryption both at rest and in transit. All brokers, employer admins, and Ease employees must enable two-factor authentication for secure access.

We provide comprehensive data security

Learn About Ease, the Best Benefits Administration and HR Software

When you work with Rhino Employee Benefits, you get more than the perfect product for your benefits program. You also get no-cost access to our Ease licensed technology, the best benefits administration and HR software available. Contact us today to learn about our exceptional broker services.