Personal Insurance Planning Services

Rhino Employee Benefits (Rhino) offers individuals and families a comprehensive one-stop set of Personal Insurance Planning Services and products. If you are already looking for personal insurance policies to protect you and your family, you already know how complicated the process is. You could easily find dozens of providers offering hundreds of plans through thousands of brokers and agents, so which one is right for you? We eliminate the complexity and get you the best coverage and plans based on your needs.

Our Personal Insurance Planning Services are Question-Based

We receive calls every day from people in need of insurance and who already have a particular insurance company or policy in mind. We could sign them up for that plan, but we see this as putting the cart before the horse. So, we spend time with every person or family to understand what they are looking to accomplish. In most of these cases, we find them a better option than the one they had in mind.

Covered California Insurance

Also, we contract with Covered California, something many brokers don’t do. This authorizes Rhino to help you figure out how much assistance you qualify for based on your annual gross income, family size and other factors. We’ve helped families receive $200, $400 or more in monthly tax credits. We don’t have to provide this service; it is how we choose to serve our clients.

We’ll invest the time to find insurance plans and other programs that work best for you

Personal Health Insurance Coverage Types

Whatever your employment, personal or family situation, we’ll invest the time to find insurance plans and other programs that work best for you. Among your choices are a 

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

Each option has its pros and cons regarding deductibles, co-pays, doctor participation, out-of-network costs, pre-existing conditions and more. Different plans provide tax benefits like an HSA. It’s our job to make sure you receive the best products for your situation. 

Medicare Planning Services

Medicare is easily the most complex insurance program, consisting of Parts A, B, C and D, prescription drug plans, Medicare supplements, penalties for missed enrollments and more. Fewer and fewer brokers work with Medicare, or they specialize in Medicare Supplements because that is the only part of a Medicare plan that earns them a fee. However, a complete Medicare plan involves more than selecting your Supplement.

Rhino understands people like you need help in all aspects of your Medicare choices, not just one. That’s why we provide a complete Medicare advisory service, which includes asking questions, listening to your answers and guiding you to the best Medicare choices for you and your spouse, partner or significant other.

We provide medicare planning services


Dental and Vision

Life, Disability and Long-Term care

Rhino Employee Benefits provides personal insurance planning

Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance

Rhino believes it is our responsibility to educate our clients about your insurance plans and choices. Today’s options go far beyond whole and term life alternatives. Whatever you want to plan for, there is an insurance policy that provides it. Today, policies enable people to:

  • Provide death benefits to surviving families and beneficiaries
  • Plan their estate
  • Support charities
  • Set up trust funds
  • Invest for retirement
  • Provide income in disability situations
  • Plan for long term care
  • Serve as an investment tool for wealth growth
  • Pay for college for children and grandchildren
  • Set up business succession plans
  • And more

We serve as a one-stop provider for individual and family insurance planning: If a client needs a product or coverage we do not have, we go to our network of trusted colleagues to find it there. We actively work to meet your every need, to help you protect the things you value; your family, assets, life, health and more.

Your Go-To Advisor for Personal Insurance Planning Services

When clients have any questions about Personal Insurance Planning Services, they know they’ll get help from us on the first call. We believe this is how providing for your family and protecting your assets should be done. Contact us today to learn about our exceptional broker services.