Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning

You can find almost any insurance product that you need from dozens of benefits and insurance companies offering hundreds of plans available from thousands of brokers and agents. So, the first question you should ask yourself when doing your Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning is not which products to use. Instead, you should ask which advisor you should work with. What you want is an advisor who will…

  • Find you the best products for your needs.
  • Implement the entire program properly.
  • Ensure that every qualified employee receives proper enrollment, supporting documentation, and disclosures. 
  • Ensure that your company follows all the right compliance processes and requirements. 

Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning: Brokers vs. Agents

Many people do not know the difference between insurance agents and brokers. An agent represents the insurance company itself and offers you solutions only from that insurance company. A broker represents its clients and can work with several insurance companies, but who has no allegiance to any provider. In other words, while agents work for the insurance companies, brokers work for you and are better positioned to find the right fit for your company and employees.
Brokers work for you and are better positioned to find the right fit for your company and employees
We listen carefully to all of our clients to accommodate their needs

At Rhino, We Listen First

Rhino Employee Benefits takes a different approach to meeting the needs of our clients than most insurance agents and brokers. When you work with us for your company’s Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning, you will notice that you do most of the talking, and we do most of the listening. That is by design because by asking questions and listening to your answers, we learn about your company culture, your vision for your employee benefits plan, what you care about as your company’s benefits administrator and what your employees need for themselves and their families.

We’ll often ask to speak to employees to understand better what they want from your plan. This understanding enables us to make your benefits plan more attractive to current employees and potential new hires, helping you to retain staff and attract new talent. Only after we clearly understand your needs and objectives do we start looking for the best solutions available.

If you have worked with other insurance brokers before, you likely found many brokers who did not invest the time to understand your needs as we do at Rhino.

A Different Type of Employee Benefits and Insurance Broker

When you start looking for help with Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning, you expect certain basic services from your broker, including:

  • Assessing your needs and those of your employees
  • Searching for the best products available
  • Negotiating the best price for the product
  • Placing (activating) the product
  • Managing the product on your behalf
  • Educating your staff and employees about the features and benefits of the plan

You will discover many brokers do a lot of these things, making brokers seem like a commodity. But to us at Rhino, we go far beyond that list when you work with us:

A Different Type of Employee Benefits and Insurance Broker

We Invest In Your Success

First, we invest in your success in a very literal way. We reinvest a part of what we earn into enhancing your employee benefits program. This investment pays for our Ease benefits administration and HR software, adding an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), improving your infrastructure and more.

We Advise and Educate

Second, we see our role as an advisor and educator. We dedicate the time necessary to ensure you and your employees receive the maximum value from your benefits program.

We Help You Comply

Third, offering employee benefits triggers a huge demand for benefits compliance requirements at the State and Federal levels. Many brokers do not touch this vital side of the business because of its complexity. Read more about our comprehensive Compliance Services.

We Upgrade and Simplify Your Benefits and Payroll Infrastructure

Fourth, we work with you to streamline and upgrade your infrastructure. If you are paying for your current payroll vendor to provide onboarding, compensation statements and other benefits-related features, you can move all those functions to our Ease benefits administration and HR software, which saves you money and gives you a better total benefits management system. Read more about our Ease benefits administration and HR software.

We Are Transparent

Finally, we believe in being transparent with our clients. For example, we actively support the 2021 California law requiring brokers to provide each client with an annual Compensation Disclosure Statement. These statements disclose the compensation brokers receive from the plan providers and list all the brokers’ services, allowing you to select the broker providing the best value. See a sample Disclosure Statement here.

Rhino Employee Benefits provides employee benefits and insurance planning

A Comprehensive, One-Stop Employee Insurance Broker

We are licensed to provide comprehensive coverage to your employee population, which is an asset to your Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning needs. These insurance categories include:

  • Medical – Group health insurance options include Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Health Savings Account (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  • Dental – Cleaning, routine exams, restorative work and other services
  • Vision – Eye exams, lenses, contacts, frames
  • Disability – Short and long term plans 
  • Life Term, whole-life and other forms
  • Long Term Care – Nursing home, in-home care, rehabilitation services
  • Voluntary –  100% employee paid life, accident and disability plans


Dental and Vision

Life, Disability and Long-Term Care

Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning Simplified at Rhino

When you need help with your Employee Benefits and Insurance Planning, talk to Rhino Employee Benefits. We specialize in reducing the complexity of employee benefits and providing a solution tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn about our exceptional broker services.